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We have witnessed that changes in the activity level of consumers have a direct impact on corporate profits and the level of stock prices. One of the most popular ways is to measure consumer activity is consumer confidence. We use such to determine how consumers feel about their economic prospects in the coming months

Our participants focus closely on measures of investor activity for market clues. We recommend the best time to invest is not when everyone is bullish but instead when most investors are bearish. If everyone else is bullish, there is no one left to buy & drive prices higher - Therefore, we read investor sentiment which is important.

The mandate of the Reserve Bank is to promote economic growth and price stability in the economy. At Globaldyne we measure price stability as the rate of change in inflation, our market participants eagerly monitor monthly inflation reports in order to determine the future course of Reserve Bank monetary policy.

We regard the most important indicator of the health of the economy being employment.


We eagerly await reports, which often result in some of the biggest one-day movements in both bond and stock markets.


The employee situation report also influences other important indicators, such as consumer confidence and consumer sentiment.

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Here at Globaldyne our management team possesses knowledge of key performance indicators (KPIs). In simplest form, our data of KPI systems insures various type of performance measurements that helps your company understand how your organization or department is performing. A good KPI should act as a compass, helping you and your teams understand whether you’re taking the right path toward your strategic goals. To be effective, our KPI systems insure that your business:


• Be well-defined and quantifiable.


• Be thoroughly communicated throughout your organization and department.


• Actually be crucial to achieving your goal. (Hence, key performance indicators.)


• Be applicable to your Line of Business (LOB), or department.


















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